How To Fix Xbox Wireless Headset With Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Over the past few days, some users have reported troubleshooting Bluetooth issues with Xbox Wireless Headsets.

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    Press and hold the headset’s green power button (located on the back of the left earcup) for 4 seconds. You will hear a repeating pairing tone and the headset power indicator will start showing off. Go to the selection of Bluetooth connections on your device and search for available devices.

    How Hard Is It To Redesign An Xbox Wireless Headset

    Why isn’t my Xbox wireless headset working?

    Reset your headset Simultaneously press and hold all the power and mute buttons on the headset (both buttons refer to the leftearphone), then easily connect the USB-C cable to your console, computer, or wall outlet. If the hard reset is undoubtedly successful, the headphones should turn off. Turn your headset back on.

    The Xbox Wireless Headset is very good and offers the right amount of features at a low price. It usually ranks among the best Xbox One headsets and the best Xbox X Series S headsets for its price and has a very ergonomic design that makes it easy to use. At least for the corner.

    Like many wireless headphones, the Xbox Wireless Headset comes with built-in firmware that controls some of the headset’s features. In rare cases, this firmware glitch can cause severe damage that can cause your main headset to crash. You can perform a hard reset to fix various issues with all firmware. Also, if your headset is locked up and won’t turn on, it might be worth a try.

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    Xbox Wireless Headset

    If you’re looking to combine Xbox Wireless Audio with a Bluetooth connection, Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Headset is the most affordable, high quality method available.

    Source: Windows headquarters.

    1. Connect the supplied USB-C charging cable to the headset.
    2. Position yourself near a power source, such as a Windows 10 PC or Xbox console. Do not connect the headphones to a clean power source yet.
    3. Alternatively, hold down the headset power and mute buttons on the left earcup and quickly connect the USB-C cable to your Windows 10 PC, power outlet, or Xbox console.
    4. The headphones should turn off if the hard reset was successful.
    5. Then turn your wireless headset back on. You may then need to re-pair your headset with a new console or Bluetooth device.

    Note. After completing these steps, you will most likely hear a beep and see the power indicator on this headset turn on.The ure flashes white and yellow. If you see this, you have deleted the merge information from your headset radio and have not done a hard reset correctly. In this case, try the steps again.

    They should lift your Xbox Headset off the stairs and hopefully put it back on sale. You may have to go back to the Xbox Wireless Headset pairing development signs after an incredibly difficult reset.

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