Steps To Fix Winamp Pro Android Test

If you are facing Winamp Pro Android testing error on your computer, you should take a look at these suggested solutions.

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    Some will probably remember the Winamp name from the late 90s, when AOL chat and 56K modems were definitely in vogue. Well, today the type of media player developed by Nullsoft has survived and is now also available for help on Android devices as well as Windows and Mac machines. Of course, it has been updated since then.


    winamp pro android test

    Winamp for Android provides clear quality and easy playback control. The Wi-Fi sync function is convenient if your connection is not disconnected securely.


    The connection is hopelessly unattractive and the Wi-Fi sync function needs to be improved.

    End result

    If the Wi-Fi sync feature were better designed and much more reliable, Winamp would be an interesting download. As it stands, it is an absolutely good music player that is usually not that impressive.

    Winamp for Android is the best, but not particularly remarkable, addition to the standard music player for your mobile device. It comes with standard music controls for playing, including a caserepeat and repeat play, and you can create playlists of your favorite tracks. As with many other companies, you can use Winamp to search your own music by artist, album, genre, or song title, and include links to artist bios, news releases, discography, and other information.

    Winamp is visually monotonous and unobtrusive, but its playback is reliable and provides reasonably clear sound quality.

    winamp pro android test

    Visually Winamp is inferior. Screenshot by Jamar Cabebe / CNET

    Winamp Music Golfer features a built-in radio with Shuttercast function, which can be used to listen to live broadcasts from Internet music stations. Compared to targeted streaming radio applications like iHeartRadio, Winamp tuneinradio also has several stations to choose from. However, this feature has always been a welcome addition with alternative listening options.


    One of the most important features of Winamp is Wi-Fi sync, which allows you to transfer content from your PC (with installationWinamp) to your Android device using a shared Wi-Fi connection. I’ve found that the most important process of syncing music between PC and mobile is in the end simple to understand, but doesn’t always have to be reliable. On more than one occasion, the process stopped due to loss of connection. It wouldn’t be so bad if syncing resumed automatically on reconnection, although, unfortunately, Winamp did not make such an important point. This synchronization made this technique tiresome. Also, when transferring individual albums, I noticed that there were several unfinished tracks on my private mobile device. When I tried to resubmit the albums, many duplicate versions were created.

    While it was finished, I struggled to sync files with a good PC, but Winamp did a great job with the audio that was already local to my Android device. It offered a new layout with easy navigation, and I liked the way book cover thumbnails were included in the menu.

    It’s worth noting that there are several ways to add the best quality to Winamp Functions through in-app purchases. You can add text for $ 2.99. Similar to how SoundHound works, this Winamp add-on scrolls the lyrics in real time while the song is playing. The Purge Albums feature costs an additional $ 3.99 and is designed to preserve the integrity of your package by updating tags and adding missing album art. Finally, Winamp Bundle Pro costs $ 4.99 and gives you some new demos, including 10-band graphic equalizers, as well as fade-out and continuous playback features.

    Overall, Winamp is a robust, albeit unattractive, application that works well for simple music playback. It has a built-in Shoutcast radio, which is probably a good thing, and a Wi-Fi sync piece that would be a big ad if it were better and more reliable. Apart from these types of alarms or whistles, there are no signals as such.

    Breakdown of Results

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
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