How To Fix Websphere Error Mq 2058

Sometimes your computer may display the websphere mq error 2058. There can be several reasons for this error.

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    2058 is reversed when connecting to the queue manager on the wrong queue manager phone. This is the most common reward, but there may be other good reasons for this failure.

    If you examine most of the source code that can be found in Files IBM MQ Tools c Samples Bin64 amqssslc c: program.c , you will see that ‘this actually:

    1. If no list of queue managers is provided, the queue manager name is set to NULL and printout of the de facto manager connection
    2. If no connection name is specified in the queue, some of the ClientConn will not be configured and ConnectOptions.ClientConnPtr will default to NULL. leave the value , cannot provide client connection information.
    3. Providing the perfect SSL repository key stem sets SslConnOptions.KeyRepository using this value and using the SSL repository stem and also specifies ConnectOptions. SSLConfigPtr to this SslConnOptions .

    Then MQCONNX and specifies the queue manager name NULL as well as ConnectOptions . Since each ConnectOptions.ClientConnPtr is left with a NULL implication, MQ is trying to figure out how to establish a connection as a manager on the Can queue. The overview and location of the binding search is documented in the IBM Knowledge Center v7.5 (or newer) topic “Connecting IBM WebSphere MQ MQI to the Administrator Application Queue”. In your case, the choice is the CCDT file.

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  • If you do give a name to the queue manager, the concept will look for an entry in the CCDT with the usually empty QMNAME and find the CLNTCONN of that TV channel. You have identified where QMNAME is empty. An empty QMNAME in the CLNTCONN channel is an unusual occurrence for a visitor to an MQ site to connect to any queue manager logo that points to CONNAME what the experts think you are saying. Since you usually specify the root of the SSL keystore, this keystore is used to connect to MQ using all of the SSLCIPH , which you will find under the CLNTCONN section in CCDT.

    websphere mq 2058 error

    If you are edenyou specify the queue manager name FOO , this type of attempt tries to find an entry in the CCDT where the quality QMNAME is FOO , it's not in your state, so the person gets the error 2058 or MQRC_Q_MGR_NAME_ERROR .

    According to your update, CCDT actually has an empty QMNAME attribute, and CONNAME lists two different IP addresses (PORTs) separated by a commmon element. In this configuration, MQ first tries to connect to the starting IP address if the connection is available at a specific time or is dropped for some additional reason, such as on the second IP address.

    websphere mq 2058 error

    It is very possible, no doubt, that in due time you will need to connect to an empty and / or NULL queue manager name so that the client can always connect every time the queue manager is invoked. Queues listen to CONNAME. In your case, the first IP (PORT) could be the FOO queue manager, the second IP (PORT) could be the BAR line manager.

    If you want your CCDT to perform positively when your business says -m FOO , you want to create a new CCDT with a channelm CLNTCONN amended with QMNAME (FOO) or add another CLNTCONN channel for an existing CCDT with QMNAME (FOO) ...

    For more information on the CCDT and the name of the action queue manager to specify, see my answer to Connecting to IBM MQ Using a CCDT File in JMS. The answer was for JMS, but this information also applies to MQI clients.

    You also have the option to provide all the important details specified on the command line, as for Roger. Run amqssslc.exe? for more information. It should look like this:

      Example of running AMQSSSLCParameter: [-m QMgr]  [-c ChlName -x ConnName]  [-k KeyReposStem] [-s CipherSpec]  [-p all | rfc5280]  [-f] [-b no | 128_bit | 192_bit [, ...] ] [-o OcspURL] 

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