Troubleshooting SQL Error 10311

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    If you are getting sql error 10311, today’s tutorial is here to help you. 10311 – AppDomain has been marked for unloading due to insufficient memory. 6260 – The application domain was unloaded. The interval between messages is only about 5 seconds. I’ve seen skills pointing to possible memory leaks in CLR assemblies.

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

  • We are currently tweaking SCCM for about a thousand machines, and sometimes it fails when deploying a great new operating system. This is a school setting, and by the time we map the trucks, we are at least twenty-five at a time. When we first used We had SCCM against 550 clients and we had nothing to do with these issues.

    sql error 10311

    The task runtime was unable to complete the Apply system move, which is performed as part of a system installation that often occurs with error code 2147942977
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    Fixed Source ********* SMSPKGE $ STH000F4InstallImage (g_InstallPackageID, g_ImageIndex, targetVolume, ImageType_OS, g_ConfigPackageID, g_ConfigFileName, bOEMMedia), HRESpos = 80070243: p
    WIM error: C: Program Files ********* ***. ***
    Windows cannot verify our digital signature on this file. A completely new hardware or software change could include a poorly repaired, damaged file, or malware from a new source. 80070241; (Error: Source: Windows)
    Request not possible (0x80070241)
    Failed to complete the installation of image 2 using package STH000F4.
    Windows cannot validate the digital file for this custom file. A newly installed hardware or software modification could include any type of file that is poorly signed, simply corrupted, or corrupts software from an unknown source. (Error: 80070241; Source: Windows). The operating system platform reported error 2147942977: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this lodge. A recent hardware or software replacement installed a file that was poorly signed, corrupted, or could be malware from an unknown person. A source.

    Server 1: Master site server, PXE, DP, MP (x86 server two thousand in8GB RAM – VMware virtualization)

    Server 2: Site Database Server) (mssql (Server 2008 x86, SQL 2005 SP2, 3GB RAM – VMware Virtualized Environment)

    Server c: APP-V (APP-V is not integrated into SCCM) and software update server (x86 server, 2 GB RAM – physical)

    Initially they only had 2 computers (1 and 2) and they did a whipping while we photographed machine labs and then put it on server 4 as we just needed to remove the DP from Legion server 1 I heard SQL Server advantages: The error is possibly in the tlog.

    Info 11/29/2010 3:14:13 PM MSSQLSERVER 10311 10 application domain (SCCM_STH.dbo [runtime] .9) that is marked for unload due to pressure storage device.

    sql error 10311

    Info 11/29/2010 3:14:13 AM MSSQLSERVER pm pm (2) AppDomain 10 (SCCM_STH.dbo [runtime] .9) unloaded.

    Info 11/29/2010 3:14:48 PM MSSQLSERVER 6299 (2) Application domain (SCCM_STH 11.dbo [runtime] .11) has been created.

    I found someone who practically has a problem similar to mine and you mentioned something that has been optimized for SQL Server.

    We will not have new equipment in the next few months, but our a final decision is needed so that images can be scaled successfully. We saw a decrease in speed of about 1 per deployment when 4 failed.

    As soon as we have a new universal serial bus, RAM will not be criticized, but until then I feel like I am driving a boat, for example, on a broken oar.

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