Sogou Pinyin Malware Fix Suggestions

Over the past few days, several readers have reported encountering Sogou Pinyin malware.

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    Web site. The Sogou Pinyin Method (Chinese: 搜 狗 拼音 输入 法; Pinyin: Sōugǒu Pīnyīn Shūrùfǎ) is a generally popular Chinese Pinyin input sentence editor developed by, Inc. in honor of the search engine Sogou. Sogou Pinyin is the dominant tooltip program in China.

    What does Sogou do?

    Sogou Pinyin, first released in 2004, is the most fantastic Chinese typing program in China. He uses his methods of search engines, which analyze, classifying the most popular phrases or phrases on the Internet.

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    Timeline Of The Event

    The breach of this company’s privacy is so serious that I highly recommend not adding it. If you put freedom of choice over ethical freedom (and I think a lot of people do), at least put a warning in the middle of computer programming that this application can still be hacked and used at your own risk. In fact, I believe, and then there is enough evidence that this element is real malware, i.e. H., to be a large application capable of logging whatever it types, while Sogou Pinyin is usually included as the author of the method input. It literally includes everything. You do not want your passwords to spread, do you implement? Unfortunately, this is our most popular IME in China.

    If we have no plans to use Flatpaking or this capture app, connect as a nonfix. I would suggest contacting the relevant developers.Those who support these distribution models and carts, or take the initiative at all.

    Sogo Pinyin

    Screenshot of Sogo Pinyin

    Developer (s) Sohu
    First message 2006
    Stable version

    8.5 / July 5, 2017; Several years ago (07/05/2017)

    XP operating system Windows Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, Android, iOS
    Available at Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
    type Input Method
    website pinyin .sogou .com

    sogou pinyin malware

    The Sogou Pinyin Method (Chinese: æ œç ‹—æ‹ ¼éŸ³è¾ “å… ¥ æ³ •; Pinyin: SÅ ugÇ’u PÄ” nyÄ “n ShÅ” rfÇŽ “) is actually a pinyin input path editor. developed by Sohu, Inc. under the name of its search engine Sogou.

    Sogou Pinyin is the main source of software in China. As of July 2011, Sogou Pinyin’s penetration rate was 83.6% with over 300m By millions of users. [1]


    Sogou Pinyin has design, appearance and vocabulary features. Sogo pinyin vocabulary can be expanded by adding dictionaries to cells that always contain words in special fields. [2] Sogo Kang Pinyin’s appearance has finally been redesigned with skins and animations. [3] The Sogo Pinyin function can be extended with extensions such as writing with the mouse. [4] In addition to input, Pinyin also includes a line number method input.

    Google Pinyin Copyright Conflict

    In April 2007, Sohu was nervous about suing Google because after the first release of Google Pinyin, it was discovered as soon as possible that Google Pinyin’s vocabulary databases contained an employee named Sogou Pinyin. [5] On April 8, 2007, Google confirmed that it is using “non-Google storage resources.” Shortly thereafter, a new version was released that related to Google Pinyin, which was no longer based on the Sogou database. Cloud [6]

    Sogo Pinyin

    Is Sogou a malware?

    The Sogou virus is not a virus, although it is a browser hijacker also known as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Often, the Sogou virus can infiltrate a computer without the permission of the computer owner, make unauthorized changes to the settings of a new infected computer, and override the infected computer’s web browser.

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

  • In 2009, Sogou releasedor a bookmarklet called Sogou Cloud Pinyin (æ œç ‹—互输 å… ¥ æ³ •), with which all popular browsers can introduce Chinese heroes to a website without installing a lot of new software or plugins. It uses JavaScript and Ajax on the cell phone browser and seemingly server-side cloud computing technology.

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    sogou pinyin malware

    Hello! Perhaps this is not the most suitable subreddit for this situation, and if so, then I am sorry, but in the end I found a suitable task in which I need help. Help from someone who knows the scene / p>

    It so happened to me that there was a customization going on in our Chinese office, which caused most of those specific applications that they prepared themselves (many of which increase bandwidth or we call f -secure.) are removed from ping due to warnings), viruses, but some are very useful for roles.

    The one that I almost all had trouble finding a replacement would be a good pinyin. They are currently using Sogou, which contains a lot of stuff, including spam software, and I was told that it is widely known as a malware magnet even though they think this is the best part of it. Be pinyin right now (they didn’t) I reject google so well).

    Do you know of any good PinYin applications that do not fall into the spam Trojan and are not too difficult to manage directly from the IT department? Preferably with an English menu instead of a Chinese one.

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