What Are The Reasons For Reinstalling Win98 Dos And How To Fix It?

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    Here are some simple steps that should help you fix the problem of reinstalling Win98 DOS.

    Microsoft 98 Your Windows Program – Install MSDOS Without Floppy, Go To Step

    How do I install Windows 98 from command prompt?

    Use any Win98 bootable disk (CD-compatible) to start your computer.Insert the Win98 CD into your CD-ROM drive.In commandOn the second line, enter A: X: Win98 Setup.exe, where X: is your CD-ROM drive.Proceed with the installation. When asked for the installation location, you will see C: Windows.Complete the Win98 installation.

    Welcome to Microsoft Windows 1996 Step-by-step installation of MSDOS without a bootable disk. Of course, this should give you an idea of ​​how to proceed when someone might reinstall an operating program or install it for the first time by updating the current operating system. These instructions are completely graphical and will walk you through all the steps of the installation.

    1. Windows 98 CD

    2. Computer CD-ROM with access

    To start installing Windows. First, make sure that the first boot device in your computer’s BIOS is configured for the CD-ROM drive.

    (For instructions on accessing the BIOS, see your motherboard or your specific computer manufacturer’s manual. (The BIOS method can usually be started by usually pressing F1, F2, F8, F10, or DEL basic. Be sure to save the rings before exiting the program) )

    If you are not sureWhether or not you want to go into every BIOS, just test the program by inserting the CD into your drive and restarting your computer. This is the recommended method for installing Windows.

    You will know that your computer is booting from CD when the following screen appears.

    From the Start menu of the Microsoft Windows 98 CD, select Sort Option 2 using the arrow keys or simply by pressing the number 2 on your keyboard and type Media Attention.

    Now that you have the Microsoft Windows 98 Start Menu, sniff and see, select option 2 using any arrow key, or just typing 2 on your PC and press Enter. and until someone comes to the Dos prompt.

    You may already be prompted to enter the CD as a whole, otherwise enter “D:”, let alone Enter (ie, any CD letter -Rom is D :). To see where you are, enter “CD WIN98”, if the directory changes, you can find there, or try “E:” repeat the process and set the alphabet until your organization reaches the Win98 folder. In all the followingexamples are “D: WIN98”.

    reinstall win98 dos

    Assuming you are reinstalling Windows 96, enter “FORMAT C:”

    ATTENTION! This will delete all information from your new hard drive. So make sure that all the content you need has been backed up so that it doesn’t get lost.

    Press “Y” and enter. If you are satisfied with this format, there is nothing more to lose

    Now enter “MD C: WIN98” and enter the new media. (This will create a folder associated with the hard drive named Size = “3”> and win98)

    Now enter “C: WIN98” (you change – the WIN98 folder on your hard drive)

    Finally, enter “Setup” (Windows before 2000 will begin installation)

    You should now eject the Windows 98 CD, it is no longer needed.

    Now everyone, please enter “Next” or F3 to exit.

    The installer will check your system. Click to continue.

    Running or configuring But the next scan of the disk.

    The installer now copies the critical files for installation.

    Installation has started and the mouse should now be active, click Next to continue. If you want to make changes, you need to click Exit Setup. If any type of mouse is ineffective, press “ENTER” on your keyboard.

    The wizard starts today. Please be patient, this process will probably take a while.

    Now select the directory where you really want to install Windows. C: Windows is selected by default. You can change this, but gambling is not recommended. Click Next to continue.

    The installer will now prepare each of our directories, please wait, this may take a while.

    The installer now checks the free space on the computer.

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  • What do you want to install? We usually recommend this escape. Click Next to continue.

    Windows components you needbut install now is still on the list. Leave the default settings and click Next.

    If a network card is detected, the following is displayed. Enter the details and click Next.

    Now select your country settings as requested and click Next.

    Windows will copy these files as quickly as possible, sometimes it takes a long time. Be patient

    How do you reset a Windows 98?

    While holding down the Ctrl key, restart your computer.On a specific command line, enter scanreg / restore.Click on the interesting registry entry next to the word “Started”, then press Enter.Press Enter again to restart your computer.

    When prompted to restart, at some point Windows will start doing it on its own. You can click on the ‘Reload Now’ theme to speed up the concept.

    How do I install Windows XP from a CD-ROM?

    If you don’t understand this, just consider CD-ROM support. You should all go through the A: > prompt. Type right after the commands highlighted in BLUE, press Enter after the line. SMARTDRV (Loads SmartDrive into memory, speeds up write data cleaning and Windows XP installation. Only empty trust string is displayed during boot.

    Probably the launch of the first screen is displayed.

    How do I boot a computer from a CD-ROM?

    You must have a computer that can be moved from the CD. (The Win98 CD-ROM is bootable.) You can have and enter CMOS to update some settings to make this possible. (See your computer manual. Visit the manufacturer’s website for how to create one.) Boot your computer from the Win98 CD.

    Now enter your name, company is included too. Click Next to continue.

    This is now a license agreement. Continue reading and if everyone agrees, click “I accept the agreement” and click “Next”. If your organization selects “I do not accept the agreement,” the actual setup is complete.

    Now enter the key or certificate authentication rules. It is 16 digits long and is definitely on the back of the Windows 98 CD case or book. If you have a good OEM computer, it might be on the side or back that usually plugs into your computer. Click Next to continue.

    Then click Finish.

    This completes the installation of hardware and installation parameters.

    Connect devices and play them …..

    Your computer is asking to restart …

    Windows is starting up.

    and continue installing devices with.

    Now select your Date / Time call settings using the down arrow next to GMT -0800.

    Once you have made your selection, press and then register with OK.

    Windows will continue customizing item windows.

    The computer should now restart.

    Windows will resume loading.


    and system settings.

    reinstall win98 dos

    Long users are finally on the desktop.

    If you’re really lucky, you will have very few drivers to install, but the next step will probably be to install them. Take a look at device management unknown to devices. These are probably network cards, sound cards, printers, scanners, video cards, digital cameras, and whatever else you have.


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