How To Fix Sap Check_requirements Error

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    Sometimes your computer may display a message saying that check_requirements sap. There can be many reasons for this problem.


    You are trying to upgrade to this SPAM version on your SAP suite and the operation was aborted with an actual CHECK_REQUIREMENTS -> QUEUE_NOT_EMPTY error. In this case, you can check the following steps so that they can clarify and resolve the issue…

    Try importing “SPAM/SAINT” and completely kill the process with the message “CHECK_REQUIREMENTS”;

    Now we need to check the buffer, and if some entries are already listed here, we need to clear them before we can continue with any process.

    As you can see, in our case we already have There is more than one request in the buffer queue as shown below;

    Given the situation, I now need to clear this file step by step with some “tp” commands;

    If everything is fresh and clean, we can now continue the SAPM/SAINT tcode process until the date

    How Inactive Can Phase CHECK_REQUIREMENTS Runtime Objects Be?

    1. There are inactive read objects for ABAP dictionary objects. This is indicative of platform inconsistency and may cause errors on the second import of the support package queue.

    2. Another reason could be that these clients are flushing the queue in a way that is not supported by SAP, which can lead to system inconsistencies if necessary.

    What is a check rule in STD SAP?

    validation rule. The validation rule is transaction based, i.e. H in SAP STD system, if you normally create a sales order, it is A, if delivery is B, if you create/release a production order, it is PP. It’s almost settled.

    Depends on resetting Spam/Saint Queue after the DDIC_IMPORT phase in Impetus mode (not via Menu->Tools->Reset Status).

  • Open a new session.
  • Start transaction SE11. In
  • Enter the appropriate object and activate it.
  • If not available before possible activation via transaction SE11, contact SAP support for component BC-DWB-DIC-AC.
  • Repeat the import step. If othersNo inconsistencies found, transmission continues.
  • 2. If yes, then there is definitely an inappropriate rank in the system, the queue was reset in an unsupported way. Restore

    check_requirements error sap

    Please restore the system to the state before applying Cat to the packages and reapply some support packages. And please, never force a queue reset by the government without consulting SAP.


    You received the following error even though support packages are imported using the SPAM forwarding code. What you pay for the error is that the files were previously downloaded/installed in SPAM, but then you try to import the support packages this time. The file must be properly deletedwithout SAP and Level OS before proceeding with the next import.

    Import stopped because an error occurred during importthe CHECK_REQUIREMENTS stage, which the support packageThe manager cannot help you solve this problem without your participation?Once the person fixes the cause of the error, continue with the importSelect Support Package -> Import Queue on a typical home package manager.The following information will help you solve the problem: Measurement error: CHECK_REQUIREMENTS – Error reason: QUEUE_NOT_EMPTY part ) return code: – Error message:


    2. Delete the buffer file (use the mv command to clear most of the buffer)

    mv SID SID.alt

    4. You can no longer upload SAPCAR file and upload SPAM via .Role=”main”>


    Online patch support (tools: Supp.-Pack., Addon Install/Upgr) –

    Solution (requires SAP Service Marketplace Browse the Web)


    can’t login

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

  • Related notes:

    44946 RFC Troubleshooting – Basics

    drafting —

    44946 RFC Troubleshooting – Basics

    Problem: CHECK_REQUIREMENTS phase. Order found a number of open data search requests. They need to be subtle before you start importing object steps.

    – Use se38 (RMCEXCHK report) to detect an application causing a calculation error (for example, 10 (logistics));

    – if V3 is expected from SM13, process all samples (as criteria starting from bimillennium);

    – Remove SMQ1 from BW system (use t-code SMQ1 to buy and remove existing requests for almost all clients (*));

    Appears because all the objects mentioned in the message are locked in the transport request, that is, they have not yet been released.

    Generally, to resolve an incident, do the following:

    SE03 -> Objects -> Show repaired objects -> click on the Run icon (F8) -> decide on the R3TR CLAS CL_XXXX object by clicking on it ->
    click on the Repair Marker button (F5) to reset all repairs on that item.

    d.Click the + sign next to I xthe hotel would ask to expand the knot

    What does check_requirements-1964239 mean?

    1964239 CHECK_REQUIREMENTS phase: inactive runtime objects Symptom During CHECK_REQUIREMENTS, you will find the following frequency: More SAP NetWeaver environment Release independent SAP NetWeaver product all individual releases Tags

    i.e. Select a customization type and task, then click Release Directly to complete the transfer.

    Erasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarins and once on transport “straight from afar.”

    check_requirements error sap

    h. As soon as your current request is fully approved, send this number to the guys from your base so that they transfer it to the test system. object

    This can be posted directly from the journal (Go > Status > Queue). Click on the name of the object and in the next window
    ‘activate’. Don’t forget to revoke authorization afterwards, just like in reality (in SE10).

    SE03 -> Objects -> Show Tagged If R3TRFUGRSZA1 is on the list and you are sure that it has started publishing (ask the developers if you are not sure), select it and click the “Fix Marking” button. Reset repair indicator.

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