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    Navigation links return 404s errors This is a common error after installation in bbPress. The problem is affecting your WordPress installation or your server configuration. Causes A possible cause could be the Apache mod_rewrite module on the page that is not installed. Your WordPress.htaccess file is missing or could not be written by the web server.

  • Hello @nicoxygen

    Could you please update the most important permalink settings under Settings – Permalinks and then clear your browser’s website and clear your memory cache? I do not know what can cause the 404 member error

    The best

    I have already updated the permalinks and cleared all caches, but our own 404 error is actually module related and only consists of one role, all other roles should not throw 404 errors if I then disable in your module no major 404 error

    Which membership module are you talking about? Do you still need hands-on help with this, or did it happen recently because one of your roles was acquired?

    ProbabilityBut I will have the same problem. Of these, 404 are regularly listed in the forum index. Updating permalinks will bring it back. Along with the membership deactivation plugin, if enabled, the 404 is usually returned.

    Hello @pagehub

    Crawl forum archives or display the [bbp-forum-index] shortcode in some forums?

    Use the current standard forum archive.

    @pagehub I installed the bbPress Alexa toolbar and created forums. I also use the member plugin from the current version of the standard forum archives. I tested the forum directory home page and all forum subpages on its behalf for a long time, but could not reproduce this issue. I don’t have a 404 error

  • May I ask you to update your settings under Settings – Permalinks and clear your phone and website cache? I’m not sure what could have caused the member 404 error.

    I already updated these permalinks and cleared all kinds of caches, but the 404 error is related to the module and some unique role that was created, all other rolesand don’t generate 404 errors when I deactivate your module No you can’t be wrong

    Which 404 member module are you talking about? Do you still need help with this skill, or was it simply because a feature was added to the one that references your roles?

    I may have the same problem. 404 than the Internet index on a regular basis. Updating permalinks will bring it back. It’s the same with the attenuating member plugin, but upon activation, some of the 404s are returned.

    Use the standard forum archive or the shortcode express forums [bbp-forum-index] ?

    @pagehub I installed the bbPress plugin and had multiple forums in mind. I am using the standard forum archive and contributor plugin of the current revision. It took a long time to test the forum home page and all the forum subpages, but this particular issue could not be reproduced. No, I’m getting a 404 error

    February 2, 2015 6:20 PM# 553054
    ozkanS-2 bbpress plugin 404 error

    The bbpress online forum pages throw a 404 error as soon as the WPML plugin becomes active. The error is definitely gone if you need to disable the WPML plugin.

    The result is illustrated on the back side “Screenshot, 02.02.2015, 19.49.23.png”. The show is hosted at “Screen 2015-02-02 Strike at 19.50.37.png”.

    Submitting a forum index (which page might be a page) or a lifestyle topic is not a problem. (Screenshot at 02.02.2015 20.15.23.png and screenshot at 02.20.2015 at 16.06.png). Although you need to enter the full URL to view the topic, when you dive into the forums from the forums index page, a 404 appears there.

    Since your post-post lifestyle issue is related to translation of shortcuts, I immediately tried to disable it. I still cannot turn this option off as described in Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 19.52.36.png. At least I prefer not to transform the snails on my site – for example. The store page label is always hidden link for TR and hidden link EN for.

    This bbpress forum niche ( hidden link ) and answer # 8 prefersIt is believed that forums, topics and CPT replies should never be set to “Translate” in WPML in settings. And this is the costume from my website, which can be seen in the 2015-02-02 Screenshot at 19.52.50.png.

    I would be grateful for any help and advice on this matter.

    February 3, 2015 9:43 AM# 553374 Hoang

    We do not support bbPress yet.

    In this case, hide this link , but it is deprecated. Please use it with your incredible responsibility.

    + Make a copy (of both files and database) for each site before updating / continuing (still a great exercise!) Okay.

    Or contact our individual partners:

    May 3, 2015 9:50 AM# 553385

    Hi buddy. It is not so easy for me to carry with myIt’s an approach using good old patches and other things that might break. Can you help us figure out what might break WPML in regards to bbpress? In my opinion; There must definitely be something wrong with WPML as I checked the WPML options to not translate bbpress.

    February 2015, 10:00# 553396
    Dat Hoang

    Good. I’ll find out now.

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  • №1,
    Please try to save more settings under> Permalinks. Help him?

    # 2,
    If you deactivate almost all non-BbPress WPML plugins (stay active) switch to one of the default themes, does the problem persist or not?

    February 6, 2015 at 04:07 PM# 556159
    ozkanS-2 bbpress plugin 404 error

    # 1 – definitely helps
    # 2 – I thought disabling multilingual WooCommerce solved the problem. I never thought that WooCommerce Multilingual wasanet the best of bbpress.

    I had WooCommerce Multilingual 3.4.3 – updated to 3.5.1 and the issue has been resolved for now.

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