How Do You Deal With Ant Log Debugging?

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    Sometimes your system may generate an error code indicating that it is ants log debug. There can be several reasons for this error.

    When I try to build my own project with ANT in Idea 10, I get a build error, but I don’t see the final error.

      javac build.xml: 303: error; compile see i would say compiler error forDetails. ( ... lull the ANT stack trace 

    To Have Problems?

    This story describes some of the steps you can take to solve them. Problems that you may have are probably with Apache Ant. When you find out that you cannot Solve the problem, right after that this page will help you achieve some results. provide this relevant information to close the bug report. will help the Ant developer understand and solve my problem. Of course, not all of the steps here need to make sense for every problem. You will probably see each other – these are just a few tips Which are worth paying attention to. They are in the right direction.

    Make sure someone is actually using the version of Ant that you think suits your needs.

    ant logging debug

    Many items contain an Ant version and an operating some systems still install it by default, so you can An installed form of Ant that you didn’t know exactly about.

    The first thing you should definitely do is run

    Ant version


    Diagnostics of ants

    be absolutely sure. We also highly recommend that most of you work with Ant. empty CLASSPAD. When will another Ant version come out? everything is loaded from CLASSPATH, many types of errors can occur just like loading incompatible classes.

    See FAQs for some of thedelam, but many other problems are usually due to an older version of Ant on your computer. also a solution.

    Read the manual

    The first step to providing via Ant, if you have a problem, is to read guidance on your own or A concept that will only get you in trouble. In particular, evaluate that is, the task attributes as well as the nested elements. May be The attribute is available on the marketplace, which gives you the behavior you want. If you have any problems with the new manual, you can get it. Write down the mistakes (see report below) to teach us how to improve the ant. Documentation.

    Examine the debug output

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

  • If you still have a complication, the next step is to try and Gather more information about what Ant does. Try running Ant with the main verbose flag:

    ant -verbose


    ant logging debug

    ant -v

    This produces an output that starts like this:

    Ant version 1.4. Done October 1, 2001
    Build file: build.xml
    Found Java version: 1. In folder: five D: usr local java jdk13 jre
    Operating System Detected: Windows NT
    Parsing the build file D: ant build.xmlwith URI = file: D: /ant/build.xml
    Project home directory, created under: D: ant
    [Property] ecology that regenerates the environment
    [Property] Load from D: ant
    The purpose of the build chain for “debugging” is [debug]
    Complete make sequence: [debug, gensrc, compile, package, check]
    … … …

    You should be able to use your footprint to see more of what Ant is usually does, and why does it change the particular course of action. If you need even more communication, you can -debug banner instead -verbose . This usually gives a lot Conclusion, you may need to save the output to any file and analyze it live in the editor. You can usually get the result with the flag -logfile or Redirect with.

    Once you have all the debugging information, how can you use it? solve your problems? This usually depends on the task at hand. and the whole nature of your problem. Each mission captures different aspects operations, but this should give the person an idea of ​​what usually happens j. For example, your task registers The reasons why this decides to collect some class files, rather than others, together which compiler is it definitely used with and which arguments can be passed safely to this compiler. The following partial trace shows why adds a conference, but The file skips another. It is followed by the compiler used, Cnores are sent to most compilers, and the list associated with all class files is more carefully compiled.

    [javac] has been omitted because D: classes Test.class has been updated.
    [javac] built in as D: classes Unset.class is deprecated.
    [javac] Compile source file to D: classes
    [javac] Using the deprecated compiler
    [javac] Args: compilation -d D: classes -classpath D: classes;
    D: jdk118; -sourcepath D: src java -g: none
    [javac] To compile data:
    D: src java

    In many cases, Ant tasks are associated with operating system commands or another Java class. Debug mode does many of these tasks. make sure to print the relevant order line as Task The problem is. When you have a problem, the site is often useful for in the same way controlled the command directly from the capture line Ant will launch it and present it as a problem popping up from there. Such as the. The problem may have a command tothis will be done or it could have something to do with how the Ant task is executing the command. You can also see the effects of changing attribute values ​​directly on command line generated. This can help you figure out if Your business is using the right properties and values.

    Has this been fixed?

    After looking at some debugging issues if you still believe that often The circumstances that you have are provoked by Ant, there is a possibility that someone Something like this could have had this flaw before, or maybe it has been fixed. So the next step would be Ant sources, check svn.

    Gump Often builds an ant and chooses an ant every night the final resource to start building a long list of open source projects. Anyway, Your version of Ant created next to Gump is not available for download. Also if he was tested he would notwould include most of the additional tasks.

    We do not currently have a nightly version that includes additional tasks.


    If you are confident that you have encountered an unresolved exception, please contact our document including the bug tracking system.

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